Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm BACK and baking!

Hi folks!

I'm back. Two things coincided - my writing career taking off... four books in two years... suddenly I went from hobby blogger, to professional writer, and needed to focus my time on my other blogs... and books. I was having to write all the time, for everything, I didn't have the time to bake, take pics, and WRITE. ONE. MORE. BLOG.

Another factor feeding into me not baking was discovering that I had a wheat intolerance. And cutting sugar right back. Suddenly the love of my life cake... and baking... was no more. For months I was in mourning. If I couldn't bake proper cake, then I wouldn't bake anything.

Next came months of experimentation with gritty, nasty, gooey, YUCK, gluten free recipes.

And now here I am... mainly wheat-free - except for the odd gluten loaded, I'll risk the consequences recipes of sheer delight.

And I missed this place. I missed food writing. Sharing recipes.

Teaching food blogging the past couple of years at the Ballymaloe Cookery School I felt a bit of a fake... because though I started off food blogging I had let the Queen of Puddings go. Sure I was Darina's blogging consultant - I get to live my food writing dreams vicariously through my work with her.

But MY CAKES... I miss sharing them.

It took my best friend ( a TOTALLY impartial critic) to tell me a few weeks back that she was just starting to work her way through my recipes here, and "oh, what a treasure trove of goodies you have there."

So I'm back. To share my recipes... and make this world a little better through my love of good cake. Don't set your watch by me... Don't count on perfect photos.

But the recipes.

You know you can trust them!

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