The Queen of Puddings is a sobriquet I earned from a friend's husband because always seem to bring a cake, cookies or dessert with us when we go visiting. I love sharing some sweetness with those I love. And it also means that I don't eat it all myself!! 

I like my alter ego. It evokes for me the fantasy of the 1950's domestic goddess - so far removed from my real life as harassed mama (and short order cook) of three little kids, author of women's books, artistblogger, publisher, blogging teacher at the renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School and personal blogging consultant to celebrity chef, Darina Allen. 

I am lucky to live in a foodie hot spot in East Cork, Ireland, where I rub shoulders with a lot of very talented food professionals. I live to eat, and adore reading cookery books almost as much as I adore baking and eating. But I am incapable of following a recipe without changing it. The Queen of Puddings was born from my need to keep track of all my tweaks and share my recipes with friends. 

I am, as you can see, one busy mama, so my baking, and this blog have to fit into this lifestyle. Hence you will not find an elaborate holiday brioche dough which takes three days to prove, nor any fiddly icing projects, nor, to be honest particularly great photographs. For me food is more about taste than looks, though one day, when I have my own pro food stylist ad photographer to assist me, rather than a tantrumming two year old waging war with her older siblings, then I'm sure every cake will be a work of art. But let me assure you one thing, many of my cakes may look homely, but they would win any taste test going. And that's a promise! I only share my best.

I love gooey, sticky treats crammed full of crunchy nuts and best quality chocolate. You'll find plenty of them here at The Queen of Puddings, as well as the occasional healthy treat for when your hips are getting a little too rounded from all that cake eating!

You can also find me blogging over at Dreaming Aloud. My women's site The Happy Womb. And join me on Facebook for blog updates and great foodie news and links.

Happy baking!

Lucy (aka The Queen of Puddings)

P.S if you were wondering about the beautiful plates I use,  most of them are from my father's pottery: Stephen Pearce Pottery in Ireland

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