Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dreams of MasterChef

I am a total MasterChef fanatic. COMPLETE. I watch them all. But not having RTE, I didn't know that there was an Irish version. Long story. Somehting to do with a brand new RTE aerial sitting in our garden for the past two years.... But I digress.

So when I was on my holliers in sunny Barcelona, I smugly said I was going to do NO work. Especially not checking emails, as he scrolls through his work emails on the i -phone.

"Not even one from MasterChef?" my hubby says to me, knowing just what  fan I am. "No!" says I, "Of course I don't have one from MasterChef. You're just trying to break me. To get me to check my emails so I can't win the smugness award."

"No he says, you really do, you have an email from MasterChef Ireland."

The conversation goes backwards and forwards like this. Until he starts to read it.

"Dear Lucy..."
OMG!!!! I've won, I've won.... my brain goes... forgetting the logical bit about how I had never entered, nor been in any stage of the comp, so how could I win.

But they contacted me. Personally. To ask me, to tell you that YOU can apply for the next series. So I thought I would. Just in case you're as big a fan as me... and have a functional RTE aerial!!

Are you an amazing amateur cook with a passion for food?
Do you dream of pursuing that passion and possibly changing your life?
Have you got what it takes to impress in the MasterChef kitchen?
If so, we want to hear from you!
Don’t miss out, APPLY NOW for the chance to become the next MasterChef Ireland Champion and win a cash prize of €25,000!

Application deadline is 22nd July 2013
For more information and to apply go to:

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