Monday, June 3, 2013

Lucy Loves... Cupcakes

OK, let's talk cupcakes. The baking sensation which defined the noughties, turning us all from grown ups into born again children with a sprinkling of edible glitter and golden dragees.

I am not a huge fan of style-over-substance cupcakes, as you will have noticed of this blog. My decoration is sweet and simple. I know I have admitted before about my terror of piping bags! For me taste is king, but I do appreciate the artistry that goes into the most exquisite examples... though I'd feel guilty actually eating one... almost like eating someone's painting, or child... (weird, no idea where THAT came from!!)  And surely guilt is supposed to come after, not before?!

This is my red velvet with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

On my Cupcake Heaven  Pinterest board I have plenty from both camps, from stunning peacock adorned ones, to the divine sounding Vanilla Chai with cinnamon buttercream, and the pistachio pudding ones that are on my to-do list as a matter of urgency! Do check them out and follow my board.

What is your favourite cupcake? Do you have any tips to get over my piping terror? Do share them below and inspire me!

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