Saturday, July 16, 2011


Mojitos - because it's summer , so it's too hot to be slaving away at a hot stove!

Juice of 5 limes
3 tbsp sugar (could be more, but start with this)
6 large sprigs of mint
200ml white rum
300-500ml soda water (can use sparkling water if necessary)- depending on how strong or long you want 'em
Lots of ice

Put the mint in a measuring jug (keep the leaves on the stalks). Add the sugar and pound for a couple of minutes with a pestle.

Roll and squeeze the juice from the limes, pour it over the minty sugar, and pound another couple of times.

Pour over the rum (you can measure it in the jug).

Top it up to the top of the jug with some of the soda water. Give it a good mix and taste it – now is the time to balance the tones- does it need more lime or sugar?

Fill a bigger jug with ice cubes, add in the mojitos and more soda water to taste.

Taste and adapt, taste and adapt! Taste, taste, taste!

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  1. I use Lemonade 'cos I'm too lazy to use soda water and then add sugar. Your version is probably healthier though! ( no atificial sweeteners I guess )


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