Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lucy loves...baking supplies

What is a cupcake without bling? I am not one for careful fondant icing in the shape of Shrek, but I do like easy ways to make my baking look pretty - golden sprinkles, crystalised flowers, clever cake tins.

 But living in the countryside means getting my hands on baking goodies is a challenge. So here's a round up of the best baking specialists for the UK and Ireland... please do add your favourites at the bottom.

*For all sorts of kitchen supplies and baking equipment and ingredients, a million bits you didn't even know you needed, until now! Lakeland

*An Irish-based cookware shop, Kitchen Cookware

*For professional chocolate making equipment, chocolate, crystalised flowers, candy supplies and packaging. I used them for a couple of years when running my chocolate making business and was very impressed. However, they deal with bulk orders only, Keylink

*A great selection of decorations and novelty cutters and tins, giant cupcake tins, princess skirts, pirate ships... Rainbow Sugar Craft 

*For all things pretty and sugary for cake decoration, Cupcake Style

*For cakes, decorations, cake boards, and crystalised petals and other pretty, yummy decorations, the original Queen of Cakes, Jane Asher

*Please note, I have no connection to any of these businesses and have not used all of them myself.


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